AMCAT Automata Questions and Free Study Material Download

AMCAT Automata Questions: What is good for AMCAT Automata test preparation?

Automata questions serve as a path-breaking tool to evaluate programming skills. AMCAT Automata questions help candidates acknowledge how to evaluate programming code beyond the efficiency of execution and correctness. Engineering students get a chance to write the program in an editor, compile, and test cases by practising these questions. Students will get information about the latest Reference Books, Syllabus, and a List of Important Questions for AMCAT Automata notes.

AMCAT Automata comes with a well-designed question bank that includes a wide range of programming problems with generic test cases. These questions examine candidates’ knowledge towards concepts like recursion, multiple algorithms, modular programming, and others. The compiler supports different programming languages like Java, C, and more.

The article given below helps the students access the best- AMCAT Automata Questions as per the up-to-date curriculum.

  • AMCAT Automata Reference Books
  • AMCAT Automata Syllabus
  • List of AMCAT Automata m Important Questions
  • FAQs on AMCAT Automata Questions
  • Conclusion

Introduction to AMCAT Automata

To evaluate the programming skills of candidates, AMCAT conducts an Automata test. The test examines interested aspirants’ skills based on their knowledge of data structures, algorithms, memory allocations, and more. A various number of companies prefer hiring candidates who have scored high rank in the AMCAT exam. Moreover, there is no compulsion to code the program in one language. Students have the freedom to choose whatever programming language they want.

AMCAT Automata Questions and Study Material PDF Free Download

Questions on AMCAT Automata gives an introduction to basic theoretical methods of computability, thereby developing varied structure. This pdf contains questions in the concept of pushdown automata involving a class of models. It offers the analysis of context-free languages and detailed information about Turing machines. Students will get an in-depth analysis of decidability, effective computability, and Godel’s incompleteness theorems. This pdf is perfect for students who want to become perfect in elementary discrete mathematics.

AMCAT Automata questions pdf presents the theoretical concepts clearly and concisely with thorough coverage of basic automata types. Candidates get a chance to examine the fundamental theory and principles of computation. They will go through several computational questions related to Automata topics that have a tremendous impact on computer science.

AMCAT Automata Reference Books

Reference books of AMCAT Automata contain different chapters on complexity analysis, algorithms, and other ideas. These books represent contemporary and classical theories of computation in a user-friendly way. The theory is presented straightforwardly and concisely. Every chapter involves numerous practice problems to test the understanding of students.

Automata reference books cover an inclusive spectrum of modern topics, including modern automation, recursive functional theory, and other advancements. These books are suitable for computer science graduates who are comfortable with mathematical arguments. Here is the list of the latest books recommendable while preparing for the AMCAT Automata exam:

  • Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation by Jeffrey D Ullman and John E Hopcroft
  • Introduction to Formal Languages, Automata Theory and Computation by Krithivasan
  • Dexter C Kozen- Automata and Computability
  • Theory of Automata and Formal Languages by Anand Prakash Shukla
  • Michael Sipser- Introduction to the Theory of Computation
  • Theory of Automata, Formal Languages, and Computation by S P E Xavier
  • Formal Languages and Automata Theory by K Anuradha
  • Peter Linz- Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata

AMCAT Automata Syllabus

With advanced and basic knowledge of the AMCAT Automata syllabus, students can prepare well for their competitive exams. Candidates become capable of understanding the complexity of topics and preparing according to an appropriate schedule by referring to the syllabus. Detailed topics listed systematically helps graduates to crack the AMCAT exam on the first attempt. Students can go through with requirements of code, format, and quality with best practice. Check some of the vital topics listed in the AMCAT Automata syllabus:

Quantitative Ability Tech Basic Mathematics-



Numbers, Decimal fractions

Applied Mathematics-

Time, Distance, and Speed

Profit and Loss

Simple and Compound Interest

Engineering Mathematics-

Permutations and Combinations



Quantitative Ability Basic Numbers

Decimal Fractions


Applied Mathematics-

Word Problems

Word Problem Internet

Word Problem Inverse

Word Problem Speed

Word Problem Profit

Number Theory-



English Vocabulary

Contextual Vocabulary




Reading Comprehension


Sentence Improvement and Construction

Error Identification

Logical Ability Deductive Reasoning-

Directional Sense

Data Sufficiency

Logical Word Sequence Objective Reasoning Selection Decision Tables

Inductive Reasoning-

Analogy and Classification Pattern Recognition

Coding Pattern and Number Series Pattern Recognition

Information Gathering and Synthesis Information Ordering

Data Interpretation

Information Processing

Coding Pattern printing

String and matrix-based questions

List of AMCAT Automata m Important Questions

Students must practice a greater number of questions before appearing for the final exam. Having a look at a list of important questions on AMCAT Automata gives a rough idea of the vital topics:

  1. Evaluate gcd of two numbers (with and without recursion).
  2. Print all prime numbers within a range from 1 to 100.
  3. Given n value, print Fibonacci series.
  4. Check if the integer entered by a user is prime.
  5. For the defined interval, print the Armstrong numbers.
  6. Print pyramid pattern.
  7. Convert entered decimal number to octal number.
  8. Replace vowels from the user taken string.
  9. Program to print a palindromic pattern.
  10. Find out the mean of digits of given integers.
  11. Program to swap two integers without using another integer.
  12. Find two roots for the given quadratic equation.
  13. Write a program to reverse an entered number.
  14. Convert the user’s binary number into a decimal number.
  15. Check whether an entered word is a Palindrome or not.
  16. Reverse a number taken by the user.
  17. Convert lowercase alphabets into uppercase alphabets by taking the string from the user.
  18. Write a program to find the average of odd numbers.
  19. Print the pattern if the input taken is 2.
  20. Find the largest integer from the given array of numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions on AMCAT Automata Questions

1. Is the AMCAT Automata test tough?

AMCAT Automata test examines the candidate appearing for the exam have tremendous programming skills. Students who are good at programming skills and want to explore more about programming languages may find it trouble-free to crack the AMCAT Automata test.

2. How many questions are there in the AMCAT Automata test?

In the AMCAT Automata exam, students come across two questions. The first question is generally based on particular patterns of number or special character. The second question is based on matrices and strings, which is quite tricky to attempt.

3. What is the AMCAT Automata test syllabus?

The AMCAT Automata test’s syllabus is mainly programming languages such as C++, Java, or other. Students have to focus on programming questions mainly. However, the complete test includes questions from aptitude, English, and logical ability. Once they clear the programming round, they have to prepare for the interview round.

4. What is the best way to prepare for the AMCAT Automata test?

To crack the AMCAT Automata test, one must know C, advanced concepts, and data structures. Having a look at AMCAT Automata questions will help candidates to prepare well for the test.


AMCAT Automata Questions mentioned above will assist students in marking crucial concepts from the vast syllabus. The study materials presented are highly aimed to help candidates and enhance their understanding of the programming language. Students preparing for AMCAT Automata exams can refer to and practice these questions.