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Advanced Data Structure notes: These Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Notes provide users with the hard to come by in other lecture notes and the most reliable. Students can refer to these Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Books Pdf Free Download during their exams to help them score maximum marks. The Advanced Data Structures Notes provided in this article are all up to date, so students don’t have to worry about whether the information they are studying is relevant for them or not.

These Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Book Pdf can save students from the hassle of going through different books to understand the basic concepts required for Advanced Data structure. By using these Lecture Notes, students can determine concepts which are more relevant for them and save time.

Using Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Notes for B.Tech & M.Tech Pdf, aspiring students can identify a good structure on how to start their preparation process for the subject. This article provides students with the most up to date curriculum, Data Structures Study Material Reference Books, and essential questions for Advanced Data Structure Notes.

Here aspiring students will find the notes to be quite helpful during the preparation time for any upcoming exams.

Introduction to Advanced Data Structure Notes

Data structures are created so that data management can be more organized and efficient, thereby allowing for easy access to information and modifying the information/data.

Using various applied algorithms, the analysis and implementation of data structures are done. The data structure is how one can store their data easily in the computer and the ease of access it allows for. Some of the basic data structures are Arrays, LinkedList, Stacks, Queues, etc

B.Tech Notes for Advanced Data Structure and Study Material PDF Free Download

Students pursuing their Bachelors in Technology(B.Tech) can find the following notes very useful during the preparation of Advanced Data Structures. It gives them a quick overview of the Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Book Pdf and can help them prepare better for it. Here students can use the various tools and resources provided to get the best grade in the subject. Aspirants can download the material whenever required and can use it during revision times as most of the notes cover most topics and, therefore, can aid in a quick revision.

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  • Lecture notes on Advanced Data Structure
  • Calendar and Notes|Advanced Data Structure
  • CSE 542 Advanced Data Structure and algorithms
  • Advanced Data Structure (ADS) study material and notes
  • CP7102 Advanced Data Structure and Algorithms PPT
  • Advanced Data Structure notes and more R18

Advanced Data Structure Reference Books

It is very important to understand basic concepts and interpret the information so that students can score good grades. Books provide students with the most information and give a basis to most concepts. Below are expert-recommended books to better aid students in their preparation for Advanced Data Structures. During preparation, when students need to understand concepts better, they can use these books for help. Students must use some of these books as they provide a more vast knowledge on the subject and also a lot of the information here is fact-checked, thereby giving the students the right knowledge on the subject.

The following are the most recommended books by experts on the subject-

  • Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein
  • Algorithms Unlocked written by Thomas H. Cormen
  • The Algorithm Design Manual is written by Steven S. Skiena
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles” by Narasimha Karumanchi
  • Grokking Algorithms written by Aditya Bhargava
  •  Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
  • Advanced Data Structures by Peter Brass
  • Automate This: How Algorithms Came To Rule Our World” by Christopher Steiner
  • Advanced Data Structures by Venkatesh Raman

Approximation Algorithms by Shuchi Chawala

  • Computer Animation Algorithms Techniques
  • Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithm by David M. Moun
  • Introduction to complexity theory by Oded Goldreich
  • Data structures, Algorithms, and Applications in C++, S.Sahni, University Press (India) Pvt.Ltd, 2nd edition, Universities Press Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd.
  •  Data structures and Algorithms in C++, Michael T.Goodrich, R.Tamassia, and.Mount, Wiley student edition, John Wiley, and Sons.
  •  Data structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++, Mark Allen Weiss, Pearson Education. Ltd., Second Edition.
  •  Data structures and algorithms in C++, 3rd Edition, Adam Drozdek, Thomson
  • Data structures using C and C++, Langsam, Augenstein and Tanenbaum, PHI.
  •  Problem-solving with C++, The OOP, Fourth edition, W.Savitch, Pearson education.

Advanced Data Structure Curriculum

Unit Topic
Unit 1
  • Data Structures Basics:
  • Structure and Problem Solving
  • Data structures
  • Data structure Operations
  •  Algorithm: complexity
  •  Time- space tradeoff.
Unit 2
  • Algorithm- Complexity:
  •  This unit gives a brief explanation about mathematical function and notations occur in study of algorithms and the notation of complexity of an algorithm.
Unit 3
  • Linked List:
  •  Introduction
  •  Linked lists
  • Representation of linked lists in Memory
  • Traversing a linked list
  •  Searching a linked list
  • Memory allocation and Garbage collection
  • insertion into linked list
  •  Deletion from a linked list
  • Types of linked list.
Unit 4
  • Stack and Queue
  • Introduction
  • Array Representation of Stack
  • Linked List Representation of stack
  • Application of stack
  •  Queue
  •  Array Representation of Queue
  • Linked List Representation of Queue.
Unit 5
  • Trees and Binary Trees: This unit gives an overview of terminology of the tree structure and the unit further explored to binary tree. It explains the types of binary tree and different traversal pattern on binary tree. Finally this unit discuss the what are the different ways that the binary tree can be represented.
Unit 6
  • BST (Binary Search tree)
  •  how to construct binary tree from a given tree
  • sequential and other representation of binary tree
  •  carry out search, insertion and deletion procedure on BST.
Unit 7  

  • AVL tree
  • B-Tree
  • tree structure
  • various operations on both type of trees
  • applications of B-Tree.
Unit 8
  • Graphs:
  •  graphs as data structure representation of graph in matrix and list structure
  •  Explain to write algorithm for finding paths between nodes
  • spanning tree.
Unit 9
  • Application of Graphs:
  • topological sorting
  •  Dijkstra’s algorithm
  •  the minimum spanning tree using prim’s algorithm.
Unit 10
  • Dynamic Storage Management: dynamic memory management
  •  various practices involved in memory management
  •  buddy system
  • storage realse
  •  agrbage collection.
Unit 11
  • Searching & Sorting Techniques
  • sorting technique
  •  Sequential
  •  binary search technique.
Unit 12
  • File structures
  • Sequential
  • indexed sequential
  • direct file
  •  processing procedure.
Unit 13
  • External Sorting Techniques
  •  External Sorting-Run Lists
  •  Tape Sorting
  • Sorting on Disks
  • Generating Extended Initial Runs.
Unit 14
  • External Searching
  • Distribution-dependent Hashing Function
  • Dynamic Hashing Techniques.

List of Important Questions for Advanced Data Structures

  1. What is data structure?
  2. Differentiate between file and structure storage structure.
  3.  When is a binary search best applied?
  4. What is a linked list?
  5. How do you reference all the elements in a one-dimension array?
  6. In what areas do data structures are applied?
  7. What is LIFO?
  8. What is a queue?
  9. What are binary trees?
  10. Which data structures are applied when dealing with a recursive function?
  11. What is a stack?
  12. Explain Binary Search Tree
  13. What are multidimensional arrays?

FAQS on Advanced Data Structures Notes

Question 1
What is a data structure?

data structure refers to the way data is organized and manipulated. It seeks to find ways to make data access more efficient. When dealing with the data structure, we not only focus on one piece of data but the different sets of data and how they can relate to one another in an organized manner.

Question 2
What is a linked list?

A linked list is a sequence of nodes in which each node is connected to the node following it. This forms a chain-like link for data storage

Question 3
What are good Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Books to refer for B.Tech students?


  • Data structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++, Mark Allen Weiss, Pearson Education. Ltd., Second Edition.
  •  Data structures and algorithms in C++, 3rd Edition, Adam Drozdek, Thomson
  • Data structures using C and C++, Langsam, Augenstein and Tanenbaum, PHI.
  •  Problem-solving with C++, The OOP, Fourth edition, W.Savitch, Pearson education.


The above-mentioned reference books, notes, curriculum, and important questions are all up to date and are advised by experts in the field. These notes will give students sufficient information from all the study material to prepare for their examinations in Advanced Data Structures.