3Ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts | List of Autodesk 3Ds Max Keyboard Shortcut Keys

3Ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts: Autodesk 3Ds Max is a program for 3D computer graphics. It is produced and developed by Autodesk Media Entertainment. It is used for making models, 3D animations, images, and games.

While working on a big commercial project, you often have to complete the whole project within a stipulated time with maximum precision. During these situations, knowing the keyboard Shortcuts becomes an additional advantage for you. It helps you to improve and increase your productivity and complete your project much faster with maximum accuracy.

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3Ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for General User Interface

Functions Keyboards Shortcuts
For new scene Ctrl + n
For help F1
For shade-selected faces (toggle on or off) F2
For wireframe or smooth and highlights (toggle view) F3
For viewing edge faces (toggle on or off) F4
For selection lock (toggle on or off) Space
To select (and cycle through selection region types) q
For adding to selection Ctrl + Left mouse button
For removing from selection Alt + Left mouse button
To move w
To rotate e
For scale (and cycle through scale types) R or Ctrl + E
For hiding grids (toggle on or off) G
For snaps (toggle on or off) S
For angle snap (toggle on or off) a
For percent snap (toggle on or off) Ctrl + Shift + p
For creating camera from view Ctrl + c
For restriction of movement along specific axis F5 – F7
For restriction of plane cycle F8
For rendering last F9
For quick render Shift + q
For rendering scene dialogue (toggle on or off) F10
For rendering to texture dialogue (toggle on or off) 0
For material editor (toggle on or off) M
For particle view (toggle on or off) 6
For environment and effects dialogue (toggle on or off) 8
For opening advanced lighting panel 9
For opening MAXScript listener F11
For starting last used explorer Alt +Ctrl + Q
To isolate selection Alt + Q
For maximising viewport (toggle on or off) Alt + W
For placing highlight Ctrl + H
To select by name or select from scene H
To select all Ctrl + A
To select none Ctrl + D
To select invert Ctrl + I
To select ancestor Page Up
To select child Page Down
For clone Ctrl + V
For adaptive degradation (toggle on or off) O
For expert mode (toggle on or off) Ctrl + X
To undo scene operation Ctrl + Z
To redo scene operation Ctrl + Y
To undo viewport operation Shift + Z
To redo viewport operation Shift + Y
For showing safe frames (toggle on or off) Shift + F
For showing statistics (toggle on or off) 7
For auto key mode (toggle on or off) N
For cameras (toggle on or off) Shift + C
For hiding geometry (toggle on or off) Shift + G
For hiding helpers (toggle on or off) Shift + H
For hiding lights (toggle on or off) Shift + L

3Ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts 1

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editable Poly

3ds max hotkeys: Editable Poly consists of five sub-object levels, and it is an editable object. The five sub-object levels are:

  • vertex
  • edge
  • border
  • polygon and
  • element.

The editable poly has usages similar to an editable mesh object. The poly object consists of polygons with several vertices instead of triangular faces.

Functions  Keyboard Shortcuts
For bevel mode Shift + Ctrl + B
For border level 3
For chamfer mode Shift + Ctrl + C
For connecting Shift + Ctrl + E
For constraining edges Shift + X
To cut Alt + C
For edge level 2
For element level 5
For extrude mode Shift + E
For face level 4
For growing selection Ctrl + Page Up
For hiding unselected Alt + I
For hiding Alt + H
For object level 6
For quick slice mode Shift + Ctrl + Q
For repeating the last operation ;
For selecting edge loop Alt + L
For selecting edge ring Alt + R
For selecting shrink Ctrl + Page Down
For unhiding all Alt + U
For vertex level 1
For weld mode Shift + Ctrl + W

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Selection Tool

Function Keyboard Shortcuts
To align Alt+ A
For cycle selection method Alt+ F
To hold Alt + Ctrl + H
For normal aligning Alt + N
For quick aligning Shift + N
For selecting N
For selecting all Ctrl + A
For selecting ancestor PgUp
For selecting and moving W
For selecting and rotating E
For selecting and scaling R
For selecting by name H
For selecting child Page Down
For selecting children Ctrl + Page Down
For selecting invert Ctrl + I
For selecting none Spacebar
For selecting lock toggle Ctrl + D
For sub-object selection toggle Ctrl + B

3Ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts 2

Keyboard Shortcuts to View

Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For top view T
For bottom view B
For left view L
For front view F
For biometric user view U
For perspective user view P
For camera view C
For Spot Or Directional Light View Shift + 4

Keyboard Shortcuts for Quad Menus

Functions  Keyboard Shortcuts
For animation Alt + Right mouse button
For lighting or rendering Ctrl + Alt + Right mouse button
For modelling Ctrl + Right mouse button
For reactor Alt + Shift + Right mouse button
For snap Shift + Right mouse button
For viewports V
For customisable keys Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Right mouse button or Ctrl + Shift + Right mouse button

Keyboard Shortcuts for Snap

Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For angle snap toggle A
For cycle active snap type Alt+ S
For cycle snap hit Alt+ Shift + S
For percentage snap toggle Ctrl+ Shift + P
To snap to frozen objects toggle Alt + F2
To snaps toggle S
For snaps using axis constraints toggle Alt + F3

Keyboard Shortcuts for Snaps Action Table

Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For snapping to edge or snapping to segment toggle Alt + F10
For snapping to endpoint toggle Alt + F8
For snapping to face toggle Alt + F11
For snapping to grid points toggle Alt + F5
For snapping to midpoint toggle Alt + F9
For snapping to pivot toggle Alt + F6
For snapping to vertex toggle Alt + F7

Keyboard Shortcuts for Time

Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For autokey mode toggle N
For backup time one unit
For forward time one unit .
For going to end frame End
For going to start frame Home
For setting keys K
Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For adding bookmark B
For displaying floater D
For preferences in schematic view P
For free all Alt + F
For free selected Alt + S
For inverting selected nodes Ctrl + I
For moving children Alt + C
For the next bookmark Right arrow key
For the previous bookmark Left arrow key
For renaming object R
For refreshing view U
For selecting all nodes Ctrl + A
For selecting children Ctrl + C
For selecting none Ctrl + D
For using the select tool S or Q
For showing grid G
For shrinking (toggle on/off) Ctrl + S
For using connect tool C
For zooming selected extents Z

Keyboard Shortcuts for Viewport Display

Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For disabling viewport D
For displaying viewport statistics toggle 7
For pan view Ctrl + P
For pan viewport I
For shading selected faces toggle F2
For showing safe frame toggle Shift + F
For showing selection bracket toggle J
For transforming gizmo size down
For transforming gizmo size up +
For wireframe or smooth plus highlight toggle F3
For viewing edged faces toggle F4

Keyboard Shortcuts for Viewport Zoom Commands

Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For zooming extents Alt+ Ctrl + Z
For zooming all extents Ctrl+ Shift + Z
For zooming all selected extents Z
For zooming-in 2x Alt+ Ctrl + Shift + Z
For zooming mode Alt + Z
For zooming out 2x Alt + Shift + Z
For zooming region mode Ctrl + W
For zooming viewport in Ctrl + +
For zooming viewport out Ctrl + –

Keyboard Shortcuts for Walk-Through

Functions Keyboard Shortcuts
For accelerating toggle Q
For decelerating toggle Z
For decreasing step size [
For increasing step size ]
For down C or Shift + Down arrow key
For up E or Shift + Up arrow key
For back S or Down arrow key
For forwarding W or Up arrow key
For left A or Left arrow key
For right D or Right arrow key
For level Shift + Space
For lock vertical rotation Space
For resetting step size Alt + [

Conclusion on 3Ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts

The 3Ds Max keyboard Shortcuts are very useful since you can complete large projects within the stipulated time using these Shortcuts. You can avoid using unnecessary steps and use these Shortcuts instead for faster and easier workflow.